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Aine's Forest Romp SlideShow

Aine's Forest Romp Video

Hi, I'm Aine Chambers and you are very welcome to my page.
I was born and live here in Sligo in the West of Ireland.
Aine @ Cleveragh  (Click to Enlarge)
I work here in Sligo Town for a medical device company
where I have been this past 24 years.

My glamour pics & vids on this site are aimed towards fun and light entertainment only.

As to my web content, I am happy that the people who actually matter to me
think I can do no wrong and I'm not talking about family here.

My pics and videos have been shot mostly in and
around County Sligo. An area I hope you might consider as a wonderful holiday destination!

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Red Riding Hood Aine SlideShow

Red Riding Hood Aine Video

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Aine Walks Video

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Wanted Aine Video

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Aine's Own Easter Parade Video

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Aine Tease SlideShow

Aine Tease Video

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Aine's St. Patrick's Day Video

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Fatter Aine SlideShow

Fatter Aine Video

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Curvy Nurse Video

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Gardener Aine SlideShow

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Mower Aine SlideShow

Mower Aine Video

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Aine Frolics SlideShow

Aine Frolics (wmv)

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Aine's Halloween Scare SlideShow

Aine's Halloween Scare Video

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Captain Aine SlideShow

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Builder Aine SlideShow

Builder Aine Movie

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Aine's BreakDown SlideShow

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Maid Aine Movie (7mb)

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Aine St. Patrick's Day Movie

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Aine's Puppy Movie

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Aine's Christmas Panto Movie

Aine's Christmas SlideShow

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Aine's Halloween Movie

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Private Aine Movie

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Aine Places 1 Movie

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Aine's Apology
Re: Halloween Movie

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Aines Christmas Panto:

Aine's Panto SlideShow


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